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Audio grade construction

My audio grade designs use selected, edge-bonded toroidal cores at reduced flux density for low mechanical noise.

Note that due to the extra copper used compared to a standard design it may be necessary to derate the power rating by 10%, e.g. 450VA is achievable on a standard 500VA core

They are wound for low stray field.

Flexible (stranded) leadouts are fitted as standard

Please specify if you require any of the following options :

Electrostatic screen between the primary & secondary windings

An external GOSS band to further reduce stray field

Potted centre with either a central hole or with a threaded insert

Pro-audio designs

These toroidal transformers are for use in high power amplifier designs where some mechanical noise is acceptable.

Winding resistances are kept to minimum

Like the audio grade types they are also wound for low stray field & flexible (stranded) leads are fitted as standard

Valve (Tube) PSU transformers

I specialise in the production of toroidal mains transformers for valve (tube) amplifier power supplies.

Designs are of audio grade construction with flexible (stranded) leads as standard.

See audio grade column for options

Toroidal Autotransformers

Autotransformers are ideal for adjusting the mains voltage to a higher or lower value.

They exhibit low regulation & can provide considerable space savings.

Autotransformers do not provide mains isolation & cannot convert the frequency, e.g. from 50Hz to 60Hz

Toroidal 100V Line transformers

For a 100V output transformer I will need to know the nominal load for the amplifier (or output voltage), the power rating & the frequency range, (the lowest frequency will determine the physical size of the transformer)

For a 100V input transformer I will need to know the load, power rating/s & frequency range.